Pros and Cons of Gold IRA

Many people want to invest in things that will get them the best profits in their old age.

There are many investment forums that discuss various forms of investments, Gold IRA being one of the most discussed investment plan.

Of interest here is gold ira and the questions involved. So, is a gold ira a good idea?


In getting to answer this question, some of the pros and cons of Gold IRA will be revealed.

To be mentioned below are some of the pros and cons of gold ira to help in answering the question.


Below are some of the advantages of Gold IRA:

Future Purchasing Power

History has proven that those investing in gold get purchasing power over time.

This is because the value of gold appreciates when the prices of goods and services go up.

This means that investing in this precious metal only works to shield the investor in the future.

Acts as Insurance for Other Investments

The price of gold is not dictated with trends in stocks, bonds or Treasury bills.

This means that the gold can act as insurance to other investments since there is no relationship with the prevailing stocks which may fall or rise at any time.

Safe Investment

Investing in gold is considered safe because the value of gold is universal. An ounce of gold is the same everywhere in the world.

This means that they are valuable everywhere in the world. They are also considered safe because they appreciate their value in times of crisis because everybody knows that gold is has more value than money in such times.

This means that there is a near to 100% certainty that the value can never go down.

No Restrictions

There are no restrictions on what kind of metals to invest in Gold Ira.

Other metals such as silver, platinum and palladium can be included in this investment plan.


Below are some of the few disadvantages of Gold Ira

Restrictions on the Type of Gold

There are restrictions on the types of gold or other metals that can be included.

This is disadvantageous to those who can only afford the types that cannot be included.

No Holding the Gold

The investor cannot physically take possession of his/her gold.

The gold is kept until one reaches the age of fifty nine and a half.

Though this is seen as a disadvantage to others, it is believed that it is in the best interest of an investor.

With the above pros and cons of Gold Ira, it is clear that the pros outnumber the cons and therefore people are advised to put investment in Gold Ira to enjoy the above stated benefits.